Bitch Pudding.

Bitch Pudding.


I aint dead.

I know, I’m full of shit. I didn’t even finish my “recap of 2010”. In fact, I’m coming to you in the same month I stopped recapping;  June.  Life is life, nothing too special to report. I’m going to TRY to….nevermind.

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umm bookings?

why do you have a person for “bookings?” LOL lil full of yourself no?? what would you be booked for? like seriously though.. you’re not famous, youre not an artist or enterainer, you stole nicki minaj’s name so youre not original LOL .. so again, what would you be booked for? j

If you read my entire one line bio you’d know I’m insane and shouldn’t be taken seriously. However you’re insecurities and hate is a serious problem. Seek help okay?



Anonymous said: how tall are you?

I’m a statuesque 5’1.



"Where’s NeNe?!" Continuing my travels deeper into the South, myself and my sorority sisters loaded up in my Benz again and hit the road to Atlanta! This time we were going for the ATL Greek Picnic. It was everyone’s first trip to Atlanta so naturally we wanted to do and see every stereotypical ATL thing. 


To make the experience even more heightened there were thousands of greeks all in the city for the weekend to party. The fun I had in ATL was unimaginable! Everyone came for a good time and that’s exactly what we had. I thank one of my sisters for being the responsible one and choosing to stay in the last night so she could take the first leg of our 10 hour commute back. This was the last photo of the night (or well morning to be more accurate), taken after catching a “red eye” flight with some frat boys…. Great times.


Anonymous said: What sorority are you a part of?

I’d rather not say out of the explicit nature of my tumblr.



"Trixxxi, Tightness & Cinnamon Jones." May was fun! School let out, summer was starting and the days were getting longer. May is the month of my very close sorority sister’s 21 B’Day, after not visiting my hometown NY in months I finally drove up!

There’s a LOT that happened on that NY trip that I will NOT tumble about but I have to share this again;

Head Pilot with the Flight Attendant.

OH! And I made my first trip to “The South” (of the United States). I have been all over the world but I still haven’t really traveled within the US. Myself and my sorority sister (the same one that was celebrating her 21st B’Day) decided to spend Memorial Day in Raleigh, North Carolina!!! *Takes off shirt and waves it around like a hellacoptah!*. We had an amazing time including a very drunk night VIP in the club. I love the south I need to go back more in 2011.

Can’t spell sober, lose my mind.



"Still Blazin’". April had no competition after March took me to the end of the earth and back. But April IS the month of my favorite holiday…. 4/20.  My 4/20 was actually sabotaged by TERRIBLE weed but still smokey and giggly.

Taylor Gang, Sunshine & Snow, them heaux running they best clothes.



"Tik Tok!". My mother lives overseas, and at the time her company was sending her all over the world as a representative. In March they were sending her to Cape Town, South Africa ironically the same week as my spring break. With no real plans of my own, my mother graciously extended the invitation (and plane ticket) to join her in South Africa! I had never been to the Southern region of Africa so my excitement was unbound. I braved that 16hr flight (more about that later) and landed on the bottom of the earth.

Cape Town is unlike any other place I’ve traveled to, the beauty, the culture the spirit. I can completely understand the saying “Proudly South African”. I had an AMAZING time, partying and enjoying everything SA had to offer.

(Mommy, Me, Auntie, and 2 new lifelong friends, Dominique & Lisa)

Funny story; on my second to last night in South Africa I had been on the search for my wife Mary. Finally I met these 3 Gabonese (Gabon is a French speaking African country) guys in one of the many clubs/bars that extend down Long St, Cape Town. All of a sudden my 6+ years of French training came to use and I asked the question of the night; “Où est la marijuana, aidez-moi s’il vous plait?”. In retrospect it was probably a terribly dangerous idea but… I got what I wanted ;-).

(Additional story; I had to get up at an ungodly early to begin my SIXTEEN HOUR journey back to the Northern hemisphere. After having a terrible overpriced airport breakfast, I laid on my oh so comfy metal bench and rested my head on my purse to catch a little shut eye. I probably slept for about 15min when I felt a *thump*, a FAMILY of blond hair, blue eye Germans decided to ignore all of the available benches in the empty airport and sit next to me. “Ahh good your up” says the father to me. Bewildered as to what the fuck was really going on, I started to talk to the father while his 2 kids ran around making noise. Then out of NO WHERE about 50 Japanese tourists appeared and seemed fascinated by Hitler’s Youth terrorizing the airport. Like every bad stereotype we’ve seen on TV, there were cameras snapping pictures everywhere! These kids were HAMMING it up! It seems like everyone forgot it was 5 AM and we were in AN AIRPORT. I’m sure I’m in a bunch of pictures looking like “Bitch, what?!”. Hilarious.)